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Technology at Work for You

Benefits Dr. Arash Vahid and his associates are proud to introduce cutting-edge technology designed to directly benefit you. The combination of CAD/CAM with 3-D printer technology has allowed our practice to bring you more choices and flexibility for your dental health. 3-D printing provides custom-part, single-unit production with high accuracy to very small measurements, making it ideal for use in dentistry. Our 3-D printer allows our skilled technicians to create made-to-order parts for your dental situation at less cost to you. We use metal free materials in combination with a 3-D printer to create bridges, inlays, veneers, crowns, onlays and abutments.

The benefits of 3-D dentistry are multiple

  • Custom designed for your specific needs.
  • No need for unpleasant impressions – no more biting into messy, uncomfortable goop.
  • Appliances fit perfectly with no lengthy fitting sessions and no need for multiple visits.
  • Cost savings – our in-house team makes your custom appliance here at the Jersey City office, with no need for outsourcing.
  • CAD/CAM designed, 3-D printed restorations are more durable than past appliances.
  • CAD/CAM designed, 3-D printed restorations are more natural-looking than past appliances.

How it Works The CAD/CAM computer displays a 3-D custom image of your tooth or problem area obtained by digitally capturing the area with an optical scanner. However, if you have already had impressions taken, images can be scanned from a traditional model obtained from conventional impressions. Laboratory technicians design restorations for your specific problem on a computer using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software.

Next, your custom restoration is created using a 3-D printer loaded with special dental polymers. Laying down the materials in successive layers, the object is created from the inside out. Call Dr. Arash Vahid today to discover how 3-D dental printing technology can help you.

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