Dental Laser Surgery in Jersey City, NJ

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Laser Surgery (Soft Tissue)

If Dr. Vahid determines you are a candidate for soft tissue laser surgery, patients can take advantage of some of the best healthcare technology the modern dental surgery world has to offer. Laser surgery is efficient, reliable and effective.

How it Works

A highly focused laser beam vaporizes problematic soft by focusing its power on the trouble spot. This area can be as tiny as 0.1 mm, but is most commonly around 0.4 mm. Soft-tissue laser surgery uses different wavelengths than that of hard-tissue laser surgery that takes place on teeth and bones. It also differs from the laser surgery commonly used on eyes.

Because a laser beam has natural sterilization capability, it is ideal for dental surgery. It eliminates fungi, bacteria, and viruses, all of which means that the patient’s risk of infection and recovery time decrease.

Laser surgery can also be used to cauterize small blood vessels and lymphatics, which decrease swelling and get you out of the dentist chair and back to your life.

One of the most common dental fields where soft tissue lasers are being utilized today is in the field of periodontics (gum surgery). Where traditional methods require cutting with a blade, lasers eliminate the need for cutting. This facilitates and speeds up the healing process after the surgery. In addition, there is less post-operative pain associated with laser surgery.

Low Risk, High Success Rate

In short, soft tissue laser surgery is minimally invasive, highly successful and has a low associated risk. Dr. Vahid is well versed in soft tissue laser surgery and uses it in a variety of applications based on your individual circumstances.

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