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Dental bridges literally bridge the gap from one tooth to the next. In other words if you have a missing tooth a bridge gaps the space where your tooth used to be.
Most dental bridges are made using a pontic, or artificial tooth, to bridge the adjoining teeth together. The false tooth is cemented or glued into place

Why Dental Bridges Work?

Your teeth work together like a team. If one member is missing, the rest of the team isn’t going to do the job that they were born to do.
In other words, your other teeth will move into the empty space. Furthermore, the teeth on the opposite side will most probably move down, up or toward the empty space as well.

Missing Teeth Also Cause:

  • Stress on Jaw
  • Pain and Stress for Other Teeth
  • Self-Consciousness
  • How Dental Bridges Work

Types of Dental Bridges:

Cantilever Bridge~Your dentist in Jersey City uses this type of dental bridge for patients who have only one tooth on one side of the gap. Cantilevers are made from metal and ceramic or metal.

Traditional Fixed Bridge~Traditional dental bridges have two or more dental crowns along with a filler tooth. The dental crowns keep your bridge stable. This type of bridge is made from ceramic, porcelain fused to metal or metal.

Maryland Dental Bridge~Maryland dental bridges are normally used for missing front teeth. Made out of metal, ceramic or porcelain fused to metal, they are supported by winged framework on both sides of the pontic.

Implant Supported Dental Bridge~Used instead of traditional dental bridges, implant supported dental bridges are held in place by a dental implant surgically placed in or on the jawbone. In other words your dental bridge is supported by permanent dental posts or screws.

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